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Thursday, April 24, 2014
Facility Information

Cornell Cooperative Extension maintains a two building complex in Morrisville. Both buildings were built in the 1950’s by volunteers and have been used to further the agricultural heritage of Madison County since. We pride ourselves for our involvement in the community as a central meeting place.

The office building houses in its two story design all the Cooperative Extension staff, Head Start Administrative Services, ARC satellite office and Madison County Health Department satellite facility.

The building also offers several meeting rooms. They include:

  • Ag Center which has a large kitchen area – accommodates 125 people
  • Large Pole Barn area
  • Library meeting space – approximately 15 – evenings only
  • Downstairs conference room – approximately 20
  • Downstairs kitchen – approximately 5 – can be used with the conference room
The building is an excellent place for community meetings large or small. Reservations for the building are made by calling 315-684-3001.